Family PD is a personal development initiative that promotes the improvement of five focus areas (health, relationships, education, finances, and setting goals) across the household using four guiding principles (community, policies, systems, self-awareness) and other best practices

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The Family Organization

The best way to make organizational practices work in a household is to treat your household like an organization. Schools, businesses, and families are required to partner all of the time. However, only schools and businesses use organizational strategies. I believe if we were to restructure and operate our households as we would in organizations, not only would we improve our partnerships with organizations outside of our family, but we will improve achievement and success within our family.

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building community is essential to ensuring your employees work together effectively as a team.

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Policies & Systems

Without policies and systems organizations would operate in chaos. Both help establish and maintain order.

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Understanding who you are and how you think and make decisions is key to being able to work with others effectively.

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